what's new?


- 1/4/2023: currently in the process of trying to make the files more organised. so far i have moved several images in a folder, images may break until i fix this

- 27/3/2023: moved the rpgmaker fangames page to the misc page

- 14/3/2023: added second sidebar (which is actually a table row because i suck at layouts) on home.html, edited my about page to show that i used a "marry fictional character" png :]

- 4/3/2023: "hooh boy i cant wait to open neocities and- WHAT THE FUCK ANAKIN". thats right, i updated the site and slowly giving a fresh new look. more "anakincore", more "cool", more "AESTHETIC" (which i guess is kinda true, im going for a vaporwave-y look). edit 2:35 pm: added gallery lol

- 11/2/2023: so i know that i literally have spm around the corner but i added a little quiz result thing on the bottom og my about page ^_^ also reworking on the site (again) but ill actually do it after spm

- 5/2/2023: added images on the giratina shrine. also today; added softheartclinic on the other sites section, please check the site out!

- 24/1/2023: rpgmaker fangames shrine added! as well as ditching the brief summary on index, added "best viewed on desktop" text on index, and added buttons on index

- 23/1/2023: i ditched g5cb whatever the fuck dot com for my guestbook. new guestbook over at knightgundam.123guestbook.com
- 19/1/2023: journals exists now, because of course i add one. this is just for my own personal comfort yknow. and also because i have nowehere else to express my feelings

- 18/1/2023: edited the text in index. yeah thats all, im not gonna write more theres literally nothing else for me to add here for today
- 15/1/2023: added guestbook! this has ads tho, so i highly recommend using an adblocker. you can send message there talking about how you found this site, or say meow!

- 13/1/2023: updates exists now, also cursor is now a star