yeah i can draw


info about my drawings || 2023 art || 2022 art

you can find most of my art on tumblr, but for high quality versions of my art go to newgrounds

i plan to do ych on toyhouse so be sure to check those out, but if you just wanna tip me then thats fine too

i started drawing when i was around 5 or 6, and i used to draw a bunch of cartoon characters.
it wasnt until i was 8 when i started to draw more seriously. i ended up drawing a lot
i enjoy drawing since its fun. although nowadays i dont really have that much time.

when i was 13 i wanted to be a famous artist and would usually whine like an asshole about my art not getting much attention.
and look at me now, i dont really care about my art getting attention or not, but it does suck to put effort into something only to be ignored

which is why this page exists, so i can post art here instead of social medias that a lot of people actually use. its not like they care anyways, and i thought it would be funny if the same people just wondering why the hell i rarely post when in reality i post them here lol