anakin or gundam
se asian (malay)
queer aro trans guy
18 y/o (born in '05)
i like mecha
average armour enjoyer
number 1 allusions item asylum fan
teh tarik drinker

hi there im just some spoonie and mentally disabled guy on the web who likes to draw robots and a music enjoyer.
you can use my art as icons or headers idc, just credit me.

notable interests: pokemon, mother series, sd gundam, touhou, robots, sci-fi, knight, samurai, fungi, retro gaming, horror medias

other shit:
- i also identify as voidgender!
- english is not my first language, its actually bahasa melayu.
- the tablet i use is wacom one small. and i switch between paint tool sai2 and medibang paint pro to draw.
- i write sometimes
- one of those kin internet guys, but ive been cyberbullied enough for this in the past to explain in detail so if youre confused about what kinning ACTUALLY means then i cant help you man /shrug
- im a metalhead, yeah crazy i know

I am a Mewtwo!